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The current guidance on who can be treated is constantly changing - so if you have questions about anything below, give us a ring!

Screening Questionnaire

Before booking you an appointment, the podiatrist will need to ask you a few questions. This makes sure that everyone who comes to the clinic is free of any covid-19 symptoms.

Phone and Video consultations 

However, we can also provide phone or video consultations. This is particularly useful if you cannot come to the clinic because you are self-isolating at home: we can help diagnose, discussing the causes, and advise on self-treatment. Of course the podiatrist cannot physically assess or treat you, but it is amazing how much you can achieve by self-treatment once you have the right information.

If you would like a phone or video consultation please email thelewesfootclinic@gmail.com or ring 07757269185.

(NB if you ring in order to book or have a telephone consultation, please state so at the beginning of the call to ensure the podiatrist gives you the proper length of time. If they are unable to take your call please do leave a message - we get back to people as quickly as possible. However, if you want to ask advice about something you find difficult to describe please opt for a video consultation instead.)

What we do to keep everyone safe

Before and after every patient...

  • The Podiatrist/ chiropodist thoroughly washes their hands in hot soap and water for 40-60 seconds. 

  • Between each appointment, every surface that is commonly touched is cleaned with and antimicrobial agent - we use one that is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. 

  • Gloves and aprons are changed for each patient as usual.

Also, appointments are currently spaced out to reduce the number of people in the building at any one time and to allow the podiatrist enough time to clean everything properly. 

The podiatrist wears a full PPE outfit with a mask, face shield, gown, apron and gloves - don't worry it is still her under there!

What YOU can do to keep everyone safe

We ask everyone who comes in to follow these points below to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

  • If you can, come via private (not public) transport.

       This reduces the risk of collect unwanted microbes en route and keeps the clinic a safer place.

  • Arrive on time - DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY!

      This means you can come straight into the treatment room without lingering in the waiting room.               If for any reason you do have to be in the waiting room, please maintain a 2m distance from others.   

  • Wear a mask if possible.

      Masks reduce the risk of you passing on an infection (which is important as it is possible to have     

      covid-19 without symptoms), so if everyone wears a mask it theoretically helps protect everybody           else.


  • Wash hands on arrival with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds, or use the hand sanitizer provided. *The podiatrist will clean the sink after you. 

  • Come prepared to pay by card (we have contactless) or you can pay by BACs or, if you prefer,       the podiatrist can send you a mobile link via text to complete payment. 

NB we are not  accepting cash or cheque at the moment. Please pay via the electronic means mentioned above. If these payment methods really are a problem, please speak to the podiatrist.

If you have any queries about any of these points, please contact us! But we hope that by following these measures we keep everyone as safe as possible. 

To book an appointment ring

River clinic 01273 475735

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