Appointment times                           and prices

Opening hours

Appointments are available between


Tuesday 9am - 6pm

or Thursday 9am - 6pm

Sometimes we can offer appointments at other times as well. If you really can't make it for a Tuesday or Thursday, please ring to say what time or day would be better and we will try to accommodate you.



Due to the extra time and materials currently needed for deep cleaning between appointments, we have had to increase our prices.

We thank all our customers for their understanding at the this time. 

First appointment (45 minutes) .... £50

Standard appointment (30 minutes)... £40

Short appointment * (up to 20 minutes) ... £25 - £30 (depending on work needed)

*Insole fittings are classed as short appointments after an initial consultation and assessment. For more information on insoles, please see below.

NB colours available in clinic may not match the ones in this image

Insoles or Orthotics
If you require insoles than the podiatrist will assess your feet before either supplying or manufacturing the insole best suited to you. How complex the insole is will normally determine the price, but it normally ranges between £30-£50.
If necessary, we can cast a slimline insole to your foot onsite (cushioning additions available if needed), however these would cost between £80 - £120, depending upon the style and additions required.
Please note that we do not provide insoles without a full foot assessment first.

Our extra special treatments*...

(*please note that during the current pandemic the availability of these treatments will vary depending on regional tier or national lockdown)

Warm wax therapy (30 minutes) ... £35*

Relax and enjoy as your feet are massaged with lavender and eucalyptus oil, before being gently coated in warm wax. The deep heat penetration of this therapy is extremely relaxing and can soothe arthritic aches, whilst the paraffin wax and massage oils effectively moisturize the skin.

Luxury medicure (75 minutes) ... £75

This includes a general treatment of skin and nails, warm wax therapy, and a nail polish with the colour of your choice from our range of Dr.'s REMEDY** nail polish, or, if you prefer, you can opt for a nail hydration treatment instead.


* Please note that a foot health check is required prior to warm wax therapy. If it is your first visit, you will need to book a new patient appointment to allow time to assess your suitability and perform the therapy. This will only cost £45 in total.  

**Dr.s REMEDY nail polishes have been specially formulated by podiatrists to encourage nail health as they use natural ingredients and avoid using the nail-damaging chemicals found in normal nail varnishes.

Why not treat a loved one?

      Vouchers are available from reception 

Items you can buy at your appointment...


  • CCS foot cream

  • Flexitol foot cream

  • Toe gel sleeves

  • Anti-fungal nail lacquer and foot cream

  • Ghewol  mint-scented foot cream

  • Ghewol nail and skin oil

If you need a specefic item, please contact us ahead of your appointment to make sure we have it in stock.